martedì 28 marzo 2017

piazza garraffello day 165


the durex tropic story: today after 3 weeks, 7 workers, 3 engineers with 3 chauffeur "coordinamento intervento CO. I. M. E." from the city of palermo finished the work of the most expensive fence 27,5 m long 1,8 m high up on the wall 27,5 m long 4,5 m high wall made in 2004 in front of the ruin "loggia dei catalani" for the italian tourists and the people from the city to do not throw garbage inside anymore. well done, trashy material, but if you think that italian state employees are one of the best paid worldwide, short time workers and in the is waiting the golden pension. but attention please: its forbidden to watch "you porn" or "porn hub" in your mobile while you´re working. 2 worker were fired in the last 5 years in the city of palermo, because they watched it.

from this 165th day on, the bancomat is inside in a completely new claustrophobic look. it means that in front is a fence up on a wall and behind is a wall where i painted a fence. behind this wall are 2 worker for cleaning up our old fountain and the fountain water pump. but nobody can´t see them, because they are in a closed wall system. but we have to imagine. all in all a kind of disney world war zone. behind the walls of the bancomat in a hidden place is a green sign of the city of palermo, eurozone financing rules: importo contrattuale dei lavori € 27.468,65 but the "2" at the start is strikethrough and down under oneri per la sicurezza € 1.641,60. what ever it means, who cares. italian don´t speak english. for understanding you have to learn italian and rome is the capital city, the italian brainstorming of emptiness and all what we need from you is your money and we have the sun and the pope.


don´t think that the people are stupid, but they have no time to be surprised at. actually the most mean sorrows around them are the problems about their smarts, mobiles, diet and the domestic workers. rich families and poor families have always stress with their domestic workers, because we are all in big economic crises. we don´t know exactly what are economic crises, but it has to be a big fat octopus under the sun and it sucks our soul more and more. well and thats why the only economic system which we trust its the family economic system. poor or rich, both of them and one of the characteristic things in italian is the "i" before "you". simple but a great index. repeat: me and you. not you and me. allora io e tu. best indications for you own vacuum nirvana.

domenica 26 marzo 2017

piazza garraffello giorno 163

complimenti palermo:

anche con il cantiere chiuso alto 2 metri i nostri amati picciotti con la mastercard dei loro parenti continuano a lanciare le bottiglie sulla fontana bucando il marmo come giá hanno fatto negli ultimi 3 anni dopo il "si vende". ci ricordiamo bene che i nostri amati picciotti del quartiere della vucciria non hanno la mastercard, cari neocivili concittadini.

venerdì 24 marzo 2017

piazza garraffello day 161

LOW PRESTI - sun over

andreas spechtl is a smart music boy from berlin and he comes sometimes to palermo to hide himself from the world. thats what he said to me one year ago at the bancomat. he lives the poem. but there´s still a lot to do, he boy.

⏩ low presti - sun over

giovedì 23 marzo 2017

piazza garraffello day 160


the durex tropic story: yesterday while the workers of the city were working slowly since more than 10 days on a high fence up on the wall in front of the ruin where i painted the fountain and the lie of 1943 on cement, they founded a bomb of the second world war. they stopped to worked. a car with 3 engineer of the city came to check out the bomb. a police car with 2 cops came to check out the bomb, the engineers and the workers of the city and started the evocation for the whole square. a schoolgirl interrupted the show and said to the engineers and to the cops, that the bomb isn´t a bomb, but its a pipe. 3 years ago the engineers and the workers of the city installed this pipe into the ground to see the level from the water of the sea down by the ruin. another engineer of the city came to confirmed the forgotten work 3 years ago. after 3,5 hours the show was over. anyway the worker stopped the construction of the high fence for that reason. but today they continued the construction of the high fence, a fence against the people of the city to stop throwing garbage into the ruin. thank you again for all the money in the end,´cause our bancomat will be between walls, fences and behind another walls and fences.